Sunday, July 31, 2011

Women of Faith

So, I have already mentioned that my friends at Booksneeze are sending me to Women of Faith this fall!  Have I mentioned that I am super excited?!  I think (and I emphasize think) that I am going to the one in Dallas at the end of August.  When I registered, I was torn between Dallas and Denver, being about equal distance from them both, and I am unsure as to which one I finally chose.  I've slept since then, what can I say?  Anyway, now it is just a waiting game to see where I am going when my registration arrives.  I am hoping for Dallas, because I have just a few friends there...ok, lots of friends there and I miss them terribly! And, if it turns out to be Denver, I will be just as excited, because 1) I will not miss my niece's baby shower, 2) I have never been to Denver, and 3) I still get to go to Women of Faith!  Anyway, if you have never heard of Women of Faith, here is a preview of what I will get to experience:

I understand it is an awesome experience, and one every woman should have at least once in her life. I am so grateful to the kind people at Booksneeze for giving me this opportunity and cannot wait to tell you all about it! What a blessing this will be! I know God has awesome things in store...

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