Monday, January 3, 2011

First Official Post

Hello World.  Welcome to my blog.  I hope it will be engaging, entertaining, and grammatically correct.  But, chances are, it will be very similar to the millions of other blogs out there.  I'll start by being honest.  I realize that everybody else in cyberspace started blogging about 10 years ago.  I know I'm late to the party.  I'm not a writer.  I am a wife, a mother, and I was a teacher.  The truth of the matter is, is that a friend told me I could get free books by starting a blog.  BOOKS...for FREE!!  I am a reader.  It's a bit of a sickness, I believe.  I love to own books.  I like how they look on the shelf.  I love the stack on my bedside table that beckons to me nightly.  I like the smell of a newly printed novel and the mustiness of an old book of poetry.  I could spend hours, days even, in libraries and bookstores.  I have many, many books.  More than I could possibly read in the next five years. Does this stop me from purchasing more?  From maxing out my library card every two weeks?  Of course not!  So, upon learning I could be given even more books...for the mere cost of my opinion on said books, I was overjoyed!  This means you, dear reader, will be given the blessing of my rambling opinions of the latest releases in this blog.  I hope you will find it amusing or at least informational.  I am open to hints, tips, and constructive criticism. 

Thanks for stopping by,



  1. At least your honest! :) happy blogging.

  2. I like your blogging title. Now you know how much I love to read so I would love for you to explain how this works....blogging for books. I know you like all kinds of books so I can't wait to see your reviews.

  3. Good luck! I started blogging (and stopped) a few years ago. :)